Merauke set to be National Breadbasket

The program to set Merauke district as a national breadbasket has gained some supports.

A group of member of the House of Representative (DPR) who in charge of agriculture, marine and fisheries visited Merauke and engaged
dialog with some representatives of the farmer in Wasur, Semangga and Tanah Miring.

“We support the Merauke regent Johanes Gluba Gebze program to set Merauke as national breadbasket,” said chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Akhmad Muqwan recently.

“We will push the central government to give serious attention to this issue.”

Merauke region has an ideal field for agriculture development. Anyhow, it needs some attention and support from the central government especially in irrigation and infrastructure.

Once Merauke to be national breadbasket, there will be a lot of investor coming to this most-eastern region of the Republic of Indonesia. (wpnn)


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