Eastern Indonesia’s Economic Growth Reaches 5.9 Pct

“The economic growth in the first quarter was only 4.87 percent”

Bank Indonesia figured that the economid growth in eastern Indonesia especially Sulawesi, Moluccas, and Papua (Sulampua) up until the second quarter of 2010 may reach 2,97 percent.

“The economic growth in the first quarter was only 4.87 percent,” said Chief of Bank Indonesia reprsentative office in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Anotinius Siahaan, today, June 28.

According to Antonius, the economic growth in eastern Indonesia has been supplied by hotels, restaurants, agriculture, telecommunication, and public consumption. “There are promising economic potentials apart from mining, other exported commodities, cocoa, and food products,” he said.

The central bank also noted that the inflation rate in Sulampua until end of May 2010 was still under control at 4.28 percent. Meanwhile, the growth in banking industry during the same period reached 16.9 percent (year-on-year).

Antonius said the obvious challenges faced by the eastern Indonesia is concerned with developing agribusiness- and commodity-based industries.

“The potentials of the BI’s survey involving 75 percent respondents shows that the implementation of ACFTA has enabled the market to grow. Yet, the supply of raw materials is still hampered,” he said.

Source: VIVANews


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