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The US praises Indonesia in conducting transparent investigation

The United States praised Indonesia as upfront in its investigation of torture of Papuan detainees and said it would not affect a resumption of military ties.

Human rights activists have criticized the US decision this year to restart military training to the elite military unit Kopassus, pointing to what they call a culture of impunity for abuses.

But State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that the Indonesian government had promised a “full and transparent investigation” after an online video surfaced of the beating and humiliation of detainees.

“They have undertaken, under democratic law, specific reforms and we will continue to work with them,” Crowley told reporters.

“What they announced today is consistent with terms under which we resumed limited security cooperation with Kopassas,” he said.

The United States has been seeking to expand relations with Indonesia, seeing the moderate Muslim-majority nation as an ideal ally. President Barack Obama is due next month to visit Indonesia, where he spent part of his childhood.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited Indonesia in July and announced a resumption of ties with Kopassus after a 12-year hiatus but said the engagement would be limited until the army undertakes reforms.

Source: AFP


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Indonesia president to visit Papua disaster zone

There is no evidence of such mismanaging natural resources as accused by environmentalists.

The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is expected to visit the Wasior area of West Papua which has been hit by floods that killed more than 145 people.

This comes after the President had ordered that rehabilitation and reconstruction start as soon as the relief operation finished.

The government told the press that the mudslides were not the result of illegal logging. There is no evidence of such activity nearby.

A flash flood struck Wasior in Wondama Bay regency on Oct. 4. As of Monday, the death toll was 145 and 103 were reported missing. More than a thousand residents fled their homes while dozens were still hospitalized.(wpnn)

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