Greenpeace Unveils Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System in West Papua, Indonesia

Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental organization, has unveiled a solar-wind hybrid power system in West Papua, Indonesia. The organization requested the Indonesian government to utilize its abundant source of renewable energy.

The solar-wind hybrid power system has a capacity of one MW and it consists of solar panels producing 800 W of energy and a wind turbine generating 200 W of energy. The power system was constructed on Mansiman Island in Manokwari district.

A climate and energy campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Arif Fiyanto stated that the reason to select the island to house the project was, as only 32% of its population has access to electric power. Greenpeace would educate the inhabitants about the management and maintenance of the new power systems prior to presenting them to a broader area, he added.

Arif further said that Indonesia has a geothermal power potential of 28 GW whereas only 3% of that was explored by the nation. The government is required to be more involved for the development renewable energy in the region, he added.

Source: cleantech


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