OPM Commander arrested

Jhon Magai Yogi is the son of General Thadius Magai Yogi, the Comander of the TPN – OPM Dev II Makodam Pemka IV Paniai with its headquarters in Eduda.

John Magai Yogi, the commander of the TPN/OPM in the district of Paniai and who has for some time been on the police ‘Wanted’ list, has been arrested by the police in Nabire. He was arrested along with one of his men named Usak Gawe.

The arrest came after a police officer became suspicious about a passenger on a flight from Enarotali who left the plane at Nabire on Monday, 28 February.

He refused to be searched on arrival at the airport. He reported resisted being searched and tried to run away but was arrested at the terminal.

After seeing that he had refused to be searched and even tried to flee, he was chased.

Police chief Wachyono later confirmed the arrest and said that the arrest came after sweepings had been conducted by the police in the area.

The police claim to have found some ammunition in Yogi’s bag. He tried to prevent his bag from being searched, but when it was searched, it was found to contain Rp 80 million, an army helmet and thirty bullets – Rev cal 3.8 spec.

Yogi was subsequently taken to the police command office for questioning.

In 2010, Yogi led a small group of OPM and raided a mining company in District Nomouwodide, Paniai, Papua. Then, he asked a 1.5 billion dollars for a ransom.

Wachyono later said that the two men would be taken to police HQ in Jayapura where they will be detained.**(WPNN)


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