West Papua MRP board members sworn in

West Papua Governor Abraham O Atururi swore in the 33 new board members of the province’s Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) on Wednesday (15/6). The swearing-in ceremony was held a week after the election of board members in Manokwari.

The West Papua MRP leaders inaugurated on Wednesday were speaker Vitalis Yumteh and deputy speakers Anike TH Sabami and Zainal Abidin Bay.

The ceremony was based on Government Regulation No. 54/2004 on the MRP, which was an elaboration of Law No. 21/2001 and Law No. 35/2008 on Papua’s special autonomy.

In April, the 33 West Papua MRP members were inaugurated by Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi together with 40 members elected from Papua province.

“The Assembly had the task of making sure that the indigenous Papuans remained in existence in the region,” said MRP member Yoram Wambrauw.(WPNN)


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