OPM Shoots Soldiers in Papua

Military wing of the Free Papua Movement, also knows as OPM, shot Indonesian soldiers in Kalome village, Tingginambut district, on Tuesday evening (5/7).

State news agency Antara reported that the attack occurred as a group of Indonesian Military (TNI) officers patrolled the village.

A number of OPM members reportedly appeared and attempted to prevent them from carrying out a routine patrol.

During the shoot-out, Private 2nd Class Kadek was shot in the right arm.

As reinforcements and medical assistance arrived some time later, the group of soldiers again came under fire, leaving another two soldiers, First Sgt. Deni and Private Fauzi, with wounds to their limbs.

The soldiers have been evacuated to Mulia General Hospital in Puncak Jaya before they were transferred to Jayapura Hospital for more specialized treatment.

The last such incident in Puncak Jaya took place on June 24, when a police officer from Puncak Jaya Police Headquarters Jayapura, First Brig. Muhammad Yasin, was shot by OPM.

Source: Antara


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