MRP chairman for 2011-2016 sworn in

Papuan caretaker governor Syamsul Arief Rivai presided over the swearing in of the new chairman of the Papuan Legislative Assembly (MRP) on Thursday (15/9). Timotius Murib, who represents the required traditional branch, assumed office as chairman, while Hofni Simbiak, fulfilling the religious component, and Angelbertha Kotorok, the women’s component, were sworn in as first and second deputy chairpersons, respectively.

“The duties to be carried out by the MRP include the selection of indigenous candidates for the upcoming Papuan gubernatorial elections,” Syamsul said.

“We will check the lineage of each indigenous candidate in line with Papua’s Special Autonomy Law. All candidates have to meet certain criteria for the candidacy in line with existing regulations,” Timotius said.

Thursday’s swearing in annulled the results of a vote by 73 MRP members from Papua and West Papua, reached on June 30, 2011, when Dorkas Dwaramuri was chosen as the chairman, and Herman Saud and Timotius Murib as the first and second deputy chairmen, respectively.

Source: the Jakarta Post


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