Police, military continue persuasive approaches in Papua

The Indonesian police and military continue to apply persuasive approaches in handling all sorts of conflicts and problems in restive Papua, a senior police officer said here Thursday (03/11).

“We, the National Police (Polri) and the National Defense Forces (TNI), always prefer persuasive actions in facing all sorts of violence-tainted and criminal activities in Papua,” Commissioner General Imam Sudjarwo, head of the National Police Headquarters Security Maintenance Division, said after attending a public discussion on the latest developments in Papua`s public security situation.

He said the police now had 6,000 men in Papua who were assisted by three Mobile Brigade (Brimob) units each comprising the same number of men as an infantry company. They were asssigned to secure public assets including PT Freeport Indonesia, tackle security disturbances, maintain public law and order, fight armed crime with the help local military personnal, he said.

In a similar vein, Chief of the Military Region Command XVII Maj Gen Efri Triasunu, said the military in Papua were assisting the Police in maintaining public security in persuasive ways.

The assistance was given when there was a request from the police based on a regulation on the military`s obligation to conduct operations for purposes other than warfare.

He said one of such operations the military was carrying out in Papua consisted of civic missions among people living in remote or isolated regions.

With regard to the recent instances of unrest in Papua, Efri said he had called for the holding of dialogs among the regional governments, local community leaders, customary figures, and all other relevant parties to find a lasting and comprehensive solution to the various problems in Papua.

Earlier, Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro in remarks opening the public discussion, had said Papua`s present troubles boiled down to four basic issues, namely the existence of a separatist group, the conlfict between PT Freeport Indonesia`s management and its workers, economic gaps in the local community, and regional chief election disputes.

“The four basic issues are not inter-connected. They are completely separated from one another. But because they happened at about the same time, and tended to be blown up , they appear to be a very concerning problem whereas actually each of the incidents that have happened represent disparate interests.” the minister said.

Source: ANTARA News


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