Interpol seeks Benny Wenda

An Indonesia’s Papuan criminal who escaped from jail and has been granted asylum in the UK, named on an Interpol wanted list.

Benny Wenda, 37, is wanted by Indonesia on arson and murder charges.

“Benny Wenda is a wanted person by our police. That’s why police requested help in delivering him back to Indonesia for crimes he’s allegedly committed,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene.

“He’s been involved in certain acts of violence and attacks. He will go through a fair trial process, and if he’s innocent, he’ll be let free.”

Wenda escaped from a Papuan jail in 2002 while on trial for arson and murder after allegedly inciting a deadly attack on a police station in 2000, in which six officers and civillians died.

He run away to Papua New Guinea (PNG), then using fake PNG passport fled to the UK.

A red notice acts as an alert to Interpol’s 190 member countries that an individual is wanted by another country.

Anyone subject to it can be arrested and is liable to be extradited.

In Wenda’s case, Interpol said the red notice was issued by Papua Regional Police CID for “crimes involving the use of weapons/explosives”.(*wpnn)


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