Situation in Papua conducive

Coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs Djoko Suyanto said the situation in Papua remained relatively conducive despite several separatist flag raising incidents and attacks on police officers.

Coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs DjokoSuyanto“Despite several incidents, the local people are still carrying out their normal activities,” he said at a press conference in the company of National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo and the chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Marciano Norman, here on Thursday (01/12).

Djoko said situation in Papua was relatively secure and under control unlike before the commemoration of the separatist Free Papua Movement`s (OPM) anniversary when shops were closed, community members threatened to be caught in a sweep, the military and police reported to conduct tight operations to make people unable to conduct their daily activities.

“That did not happen now. People remained conducting their activities well. This means people have had good resilience against various rumours aimed at disturbing the situation in Papua,” he said.

Djoko said the government had ordered security personnel from both the military (TNI) and the police to take persuasive approach in dealing with incidents linked to the OPM anniversary.

“Our order to the security personnel in Papua is to take persuasive approach as much as possible and avoid violence. That is what we have always emphasized. The order is clear,” he said.

Djoko said the OPM and other groups were expected to also not conduct violence on apparatus. “It must be fair,” he said.

He hoped in the future all parties would not resort to anarchy and attack security apparatus. “They would certainly not take actions if noone violates the law or conduct anarchy. Security personnel would even help guard any community activity so long as it is not carried out against the law,” he said.

Moreover, he said, some OPM anniversary activities also included prayer services for the best of Papua`s future.

Regarding to the issue on sweeping against Papuan students, Minister Djoko Suyanto denied that there had been a sweep against Papuan students conducted by the TNI (military) and the police.

“Give me the evidence. Show me where it happened (if it did happen) and at what time by whom and how many of them. The names of TNI members are put clearly on the uniform,” he said.

He said that “until now there has been no report about it while news about it has so far been spread by way of communication technology.”

He said if any TNI member had really carried out such sweeps, harsh sanctions would be given to him as there had been no such policy so far.

“Moreover, there has been no connection between what has happened in Papua and sweeps in Jakarta and other regions. But if it is population registration all will be affected including Papuan students and it is done by city administration police,” he said.

Djoko said “it is no more time for things like sweeps and what is the correlation between what happens in Papua and “sweeps” in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Makassar.”

In connection with the rumor the chief minister called on all parties to report to the security authorities including the TNI and the police if they really found security apparatus conducting it.

“Just report to the National Police chief and the TNI commander if indeed their members are conducting a sweep against Papuan students because there has indeed been no such policy. I made the statement so that it would be clear and people understand,” he said.

It was reported on Friday (November 11) a sweep had been carried out against Papuan students, which was suspected to be done by TNI and police personnel.

The students have reported it to the National Commission on Human Rights meanwhile the government has also stated before the parliament that it has issued no such policy.

Source: ANTARA News


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