Four arrested over attack on police in Papua

Police in Papua have arrested four members of separatist group in connection with the attack early on Thursday (01/12) on two police officers in the Nimbokrang area of Jayapura district.

Papua regional police spokesman Senior Commissioner Wachyono said when asked for his confirmation about the arrests that the four were now in the custody of the Sentani resort police for further questioning.

“We have arrested four suspects and one of them is known as Joel. The arrests took place not far from the scene of the attack and they are now being held at the Sentani resort police station,” he said.

He said the arrests were made following information from one of the police officers who could escape from the ambush by separatist group.

“The arrests were made based on information from chief brigadier Budi Santoso who along with second brigadier Ridwan was attacked by 15 armed civilians. Budi was able to escape unhurt from the ambush,” he said.

He said police units in the area were not reinforced following the attack on the two officers but the police were still chasing other suspects.

“A platoon has been assigned to chase the separatist group,” he said.

Regarding conditions in Papua in general, Wachyono said that they were secure and under control.

“Despite several incidents such as the morning star (separatist) flag raising in Wamena and the attack on two police officers, the situation in Puncak Jaya and Timika has remained secure and under control,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News


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