Police Chief: No more cops to Papua

The National Police will not send more officers to Papua, despite the province being plagued with security problems in recent days, a top official says.

National Police chief Gen. Timur Pradopo said on Wednesday (07/18) in Jayapura that the police would continue to secure Papua but added that this could not be carried out solely by the authorities, with public participation also required.

Three policemen were killed at two different events earlier this month. Jayapura police Second Brig. Ridwan Napitupulu was shot dead by separatist group on Dec.1. He died after suffering injuries when he was assaulted on his way to Nimbokran district, Jayapura.

On Dec. 3, the separatist group shot and killed Second Brig. Ferianto Kaluku and Second Brig. Eko Afriansyah, two members of a National Police Mobile Brigade special operations unit (Brimob) in Wondegobak village, Puncak Jaya.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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