The Unit to resolve Papua crisis

AFTER months of delay, the Yudhoyono administration’s is finally about to launch the unit for resolving Papua crisis.

The Unit to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4B) has a task to peacefully resolve Papua’s political future within the unitary state of Indonesia.

UP4B, under retired Lieutenant General Bambang Darmono, is establishing offices and staff in the two Papuan provinces and will begin working on the ground early next year.

With a mandate to co-ordinate all government development activities towards “improving people’s welfare” through “socio-economic” and “socio-political and cultural development”, UP4B also has responsibilities for improving conditions of security and justice.

General Darmono and Farid Husain, now the President’s special envoy for Papuan dialogue, were key players in the 2005 Aceh peace agreement and argued that economic development without political settlement was doomed to fail.

Source: The Australian


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