UP4B to ask KPK to investigate corruption in Papua

An official has revealed that the Special Unit for Acceleration of Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4B) will cooperate with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to tackle dozens of allegations of graft that may have hampered development.

“Right now, our legal division is still mapping out and mulling the strategy that might be needed to uncover the corruption. We will give the data to KPK investigators so they can conduct investigations,” UP4B’s spokesman Amiruddin Al Rahab told on Thursday (02/02).

He said that apart from tackling corruption issues, UP4B would also focus on conducting dialogue especially with those who were dissatisfied with the pace of development in the provinces.

“We will involve all stakeholders, like the Papuan churches and traditional leaders to sit down together and discuss what we need to do to bring justice and prosperity to the provinces,” he said.

UP4B, which is led by Lt. Gen. (ret) Bambang Darmono, was founded last year, in an attempt to find answers to the many problems surrounding Papua and West Papua. Violence and graft have so far been identified as issues that are believed to have greatly contributed to Papua’s problems.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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