UP4B to monitor Papua’ special autonomy

Spokesman for the Special Unit for Acceleration of Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4B) Amiruddin Al Rahab has said the unit will make sure that all programs in Papua are properly monitored and answer the people’s need.

The statement was made following the endorsement of Rp 3.8 trillion of special autonomy funds last week by the local parliament.

“We are now synchronizing every program, trying our best to avoid duplicating, let alone ineffective, programs. This has been part of the monitoring system,” told Amiruddin on Monday (20/02).

He also invited anti-graft NGOs like the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) and Transparency International’s Indonesian branch to monitor the program implementation.

“Whenever we spot indications of graft then we will invite the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in,” he said.

UP4B, which is led by Lt. Gen. Bambang Darmono, is tasked with providing necessary assistance to the provinces’ local administrations in distributing welfare to their people and avoiding conflict.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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