Papua demands more fuel supplies

As demand continues to grow, the government has to augment fuel supplies for Indonesia’s easternmost island of Papua, Mimika People’s Representatives Council head Travina Tinal says.

Travina said that the council had long requested that the government increase the fuel quota for the island, but the request had never been granted.

Demand for fuel in Papua has been growing as the number of vehicles there continues to increase, he said without elaborating on further details.

He pointed out that fuel prices in Papua could reach Rp 28,000 (US$3.05), or even Rp 50,000 per liter in particular areas. Subsidized fuel prices are set at Rp 4,500 per liter by the government.

“Papuan residents, particularly those who live in secluded areas, won’t be affected by fuel price hikes because fuel prices in Papua are already high” he said.

Source: ANTARA News


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