OPM shots German tourist in Indonesia’s restive Papua

A German tourist was shot three times in a gun attack Tuesday (29/05) in Indonesia’s most eastern Province of Papua, national police said.

The man was on a beach at Port Numbay in the provincial capital Jayapura when shots were fired by a member of Free Papua Organization (OPM) from a minivan.

The German tourist, Pieter Dietmar Helmut (55), sustained serious injuries and was in critical condition as he was hit in the left thigh and the rib.

Pieter, a doctor who was on holiday to Papua with his wife, had checked out of his hotel that morning and gone to the beach for a swim, told Papua police chief detective Wachyono.

“He was shot as he took a break in a hut on the beach,” he said.
The restive province of Papua has witnessed a string of random shooting incidents, targeting at civilians working in foreign mines.

The previous shootings were conducted by separatists demanding an independence state in Papua, separated from Indonesia.(*wpnn)


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