Joint cop team sent to find German tourist’s shooter

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution has said that two teams of police investigators from the Papua Police and the Jayapura Police have been deployed to search for a Free Papua Organization (OPM) member who shot a German tourist.

“We have obtained good leads. However, this information cannot yet be released to the public. Give us time to investigate first,” Nasution told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday (30/05).

A German tourist by the name of Pieter Dietmar Helmut was shot several times on Tuesday while spending the morning at Base G, a beach in Jayapura, which is located about 10 kilometers from the city’s downtown area, by a member of OPM who only minutes before getting out of a blue Toyota Avanza.

Helmut was rushed to Jayapura General Hospital for further treatment. Papua Health Agency head Joseph Rinta said that following surgery, Helmut was in a stable condition and continued to show signs of improvement.

As of Wednesday, Jayapura Police officers tightly guarded Helmut at the hospital. “Nobody is allowed to take his picture without permission from the supervisor,” one of the officers on guard at the hospital’s intensive care unit said.

“He [the victim] has to be tightly guarded because someone may pretend to want to meet him but have ill intentions,” Papua Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. Johanes Nugraha Wicaksono said in Jayapura.

If his condition improves further, Johanes said, Helmut would be evacuated to Jakarta for further medical treatment.

Six witnesses have been questioned so far. However, Helmut’s wife, Medina Pachon, is still in shock and has not been questioned as yet.

A bullet was recovered from the scene of the shooting and will undergo forensic testing to identify its type and caliber as well as the victim’s blood, Johanes said.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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