Papuan Legislative Council Urges Civilians to Help Police

The deputy speaker of the Jayapura Legislative Council said on Saturday (09/06) that it is time for the people of Jayapura and local authorities to solve the cases.

“I think if the local people could provide information to the police, these shooting cases could be immediately revealed,” said Darwis Massi, deputy speaker of the legislative body known as DPRD.

He said the police had been unable to shed light on the shootings because they could not find witnesses and had little to go on in terms of descriptions of the unidentified gunmen.

“I think local people should be cooperative in giving information if they know about [who did] the shootings,” Darwis said.

A spate of violence has caused recent unrest in Papua; this week, attacks took place mainly in the provincial capital, Jayapura, on seemingly random targets that have included civilians, a civil servant, a soldier and police officers.

On Friday, the head of Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Lt. Gen. Marciano Norman, said the armed men had gained access to Jayapura because they had informants and support networks in the city. Before this week’s attacks, the armed groups had only launched their attacks in jungles or mountainous areas.

“I hope local people give us information if they see unauthorized men holding firearms,” Marciano said. “The armed group has caused unrest in the city and they should not be protected.”

Source: The Jakarta Globe


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