BIN: OPM behind recent shootings in Papua

The National Intelligence Agency (BIN) has accused the Free Papua Movement (OPM) of being behind the recent shootings in the country’s easternmost province.

BIN chief Lt. Gen. Marciano Norman said Monday that members of the OPM, who he said normally operated in rural areas, had dared to run its armed operations within city limits.

“They want to ensure the public and the government that they exist and are able to take control of the province. They are using the international attention, as well as international reports on the land, to attract empathy from the international community to support their movement,” Marciano told reporters on the sidelines of a closed-door meeting with House of Representatives Commission I overseeing defense and foreign affairs.

Marciano added that BIN had also identified international support for the OPM in terms of moral courage and cash.

“We found out that the OPM is divided in two groups: those who focus on politics and those on running armed operations. Both groups have been in constant contact these days. They have also made contact with colleagues abroad. We are still investigating to search for more details on this,” he said.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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