Govt has comprehensive design on Papua

The government remains committed to developing Papua into a land of peace as declared by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2004.

President Yudhoyono is pursuing peaceful and dignified approaches and dialogs to solve the problems in Papua, Velix Wanggai, a presidential special staff in charge of regional development and autonomy, said in a press statement here Sunday (17/06).

The head of state always reminded ministers, police and military chiefs to manage Papua with conscience, and not to think “business as usual”. They must make a breakthrough and think outside the box in handling Papua.

Since President Yudhoyono was reappointed as the president for the second term in October 2009, the government has been committed to solving problems in Papua.

The government has a comprehensive design consisting of five points on Papua, namely affirming Indonesia`s unitary state while respecting Papua`s diversity and uniqueness; optimizing the Papua status as a special autonomous region; pursuing affirmative policies to recognize the basic rights of Papua people such as access to education; designing strategies, policies, fundings and programs to promote development and empower the Papua people; and promoting the human rights as well as preventing violence.

Source: ANTARA News


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