National Police Chief Says Softer Touch is Needed in Papua

Local police, military and government officials are developing a culturally-sensitive approach to addressing violence and unrest in Papua, the National Police said on Tuesday.

National Police Chief, Gen. Timur Pradopo

National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo did not elaborate on the details of this new approach, but said that he hoped it could solve the province’s “Security problem.”

The programs will urge Papua residents not to violate each others’ rights and will instill a belief in “the right of the state,” Timur said.

Timur cited recent reports that 11 members of a pro-independence militia operating in Serui, Papua, laid down their arms and expressed their support for Indonesia.

“In Serui, 11 people gave themselves up and unarmed themselves. And after the hard work of police and the local community, 11 people claimed to support [Indonesia],” Timur said.

A similar approach could be taken to address tribal conflicts like the recent clashes in Timika, the police chief said.

“About tribal issues, we need more involvement from the local government that is based on traditions. Then military, police and the local government can manage to solve the problems they are faced with,” said Timur Pradopo.

Source: ANTARA News


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