President Yudhoyono: No Need for Large Scale Operations in Papua

The disorder in Papua has led President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to speak up again.

The authorities must crack down firmly on separatist movements, but they must also be careful not to violate human rights.

However, the President confirmed that there was no need for a massive military operation.

“The government is using the community approach,” he said while at a briefing to young officer candidates (capaja) at the Army and the Police Academy 2012 at the Military Academy, Magelang, on Wednesday evening, July 11, 2012.

The president made the statement in response to a question by one of the cadets about the dilemmas of soldiers on duty: they are performing their duty yet people accuse them of committing human rights violations.

Yudhoyono said the land of Bird of Paradise is often referred to as one of the bases of separatist movements. Handling separatist movements requires special skills on the part of the authorities.

The Chair of the Board of Supervisories of the Democrat Party firmly states that any forms of separatism in Indonesia must be stopped because it threatens the unity of the nation.

“Any talk of wanting to be free, to leave the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia(NKRI), is not about freedom of speech; it is separatism; it must be stopped,” said Yudhoyono.

The President was speaking before 836 cadets of the army (Military, Naval, Airforce Academy) and the police, Level IV. They have completed their education and become capaja. He will appoint them with a military officer rank of second lieutenant (letda) and a police officer rank of second inspector (ipda).

Source: TempoInteractive


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