Police Officer Murdered in Indonesia Papua

Acts of violence are still widespread in Papua targeting not only civilians but also security forces.

Recently, a police officer on duty at the Keerom Police Station, Papua, First Brig. Sudirman Atang Sabil, was tortured to death on Tuesday, at around 9.30 local time.

Spokesperson of Papua Police, High Comm. Yohanes Nugroho Wicaksono, said the victim died from serious wounds on his body.

According to Yohanes, the victim left Keerom at around 6.30am for Jayapura by riding a Suzuki Shogun motorcycle. It took approximately one hour from Keerom to Jayapura.

At around 8.30am, the victim was spotted by the locals in a dying condition in front of the Pramuka Buper Waena Building in Jayapura.

“The people then transported the victim to Dian Harapan Waena Hospital. However, the doctors couldn’t save his life. He passed away after being treated for an hour,” he said.

The Police have yet to discover the perpetrator.

“We are still looking further into the crime scene,” said Yohanes.

Source: VIVA News


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