Papua lawmaker asks rebel not to shoot civilian

Chairman of the House of Representatives in Papua, Indonesia, Yunus Wonda on Wednesday (22/08) called rebel in the area not to shoot civilians as one of efforts to achieve its target of independence.

The call was made after the rebel, known as the separatist Free Papua Organization (Organisasi Papua Merdeka or OPM) shot dead a civilian named Mustafa of 22 years old on Aug 16.

“OPM must be refrained. Please not put civilian as target because of its conflict with police. Both sides needs to create safety for public. The shooting (of civilian) can only raise tension,” said Wonda.

OPM has engaged in a low-level insurgency and diplomatic channel to reach its goal.

Civilians, and workers and security of a subsidiary unit of US giant Freeport McMorant in Papua, PT Freeport Indonesia, have been frequently targeted by the rebels who killed tens of people and wounded dozens others.

Source: China Daily


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