Indonesia warns OPM over Papua violence

Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto has warned the Free Papua Organization (OPM) which is the perpetrators of the recent shooting in Papua, in which four people were killed, that the government would take all measures needed to chase and arrest them, local media reported Friday.

The minister said that the government’s heavy-handed response to the recent shootings in the easternmost of Indonesia should not be misconstrued as a human rights violation as it was a risk that had to be taken in locating the perpetrators.

“We will take all necessary action to track them down, so don’t blame us for any human rights violations, because they are the human rights violators who terrorize members of the security forces and the people of the land,” said Djoko.

Four people, including police officer Brig. Yohan Kisiwaitoi, and head of the Forestry Department of Sarmi regency, Ayub Natanubun, were killed during recent attacks by unidentified perpetrators in Papua.

State Intelligence Agency chief Marciano Norman suspected that the violence in Papua likely related to groups that had received funds from foreign companies operating in Papua.

“We are still investigating this possibility. It is important for all foreign companies operating in Papua to communicate with us in regard to making donations, so that the money is not misused, for instance, to fund separatist movements,” Marciano said.

A low-level insurgent of separatist Free Papua Movement has frequently targeted soldiers, policemen, civilians and workers at the U.S. giant Freeport McMorant subsidiary in Papua, killing dozens of people and injuring some others.

Source: Xinhua


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