Police Officer Brutally Gunned Down in Papua

A police officer who was guarding a road project in Jayapura, Papua, was gunned down by members of Free Papua Organization (OPM) on Monday (10/09), police said.

Sec. Brig. Jefri Laudik Runtuboy was stationed at a road project overseen by Modern Widya Technical in Milineri village, Tolikara district, Jayapura, Monday morning when five armed men opened fire, according to National Police reports.

He was shot 14 times.

“He died of 14 gunshot wounds, five on his back, one on his neck, one on his rib, four in his belly, one on his chest, one on his hand and one on his eye,” Sr. Comr. Wachyono, Papua Police’s chief of detectives, told Kompas.com on Monday.

According to police, Jefri arrived at the construction site Monday morning with Sec. Brig. Faisal Asri. The two met at the construction site and then went in opposite directions.

At 11:50 a.m. local time, two OPM activists approached Jefri, police said. They were dressed in red pants with masks pulled over their hair. One of the men opened fire on the police officer.

Three more men arrived on the scene and began shooting Jefri.

The men then threatened a Modern Widya Technical employee named Indi, but he was able to escape after telling the assailants he was just a worker, police said. Indi fled to the Geya district.

Faisal reportedly heard the shooting and ran toward it, but Jefri was already dead. Twenty police officers later converged on the scene, but were unable to find the shooters.

The slain officer’s parents, Decky Wayoi and Heny Runtuboy, urged Papua Police to investigate the case.

Source: The Jakarta Globe


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