Indonesia to set up sport school in Papua next year

Papua provincial administration plans to build a sport school next year in the province, in a bid to find and develop promising young athletes as early as possible, local official said on Tuesday.

Papua Education, Youth and Sports Agency chief James Modouw said that the school would be at levels equivalent to junior and senior high school.

“We will recruit talented teenagers from all over Papua as students,” he said, adding that the administration plans to recruit 600 students.

Modouw said that the school’s curriculum would comprise 60 percent of sports and 40 percent of regular classes.

Modouw added that the schedule of the regular classes would be adjusted to the students’ training sessions.

“For example, they train from 6 am to 9 am, followed by regular classes until 3 pm. After finishing the classes, maybe they will go straight to another training session until 6 pm,” he said.

After undergoing trainings in the school, accomplished students will be further trained by the National Sports Committee (KONI), according to Modouw.

Source: Global Times


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