OPM conducts gunfight against Indonesian security forces in Papua

Dictrict Lanny Jaya, Papua

Dictrict Lanny Jaya, Papua

Armed separatist group of Free Papua Organization (OPM) conducted shootout with Indonesian security forces in district Lanny Jaya, Papua on Monday (03/12).

“This morning we did gunfight against the Indonesian security forces,” said Purom Okiman Wenda, the leader of OPM branch Lanny Jaya.

Purom Wenda said that hundreds of the separatists had besieged the capital of Lanny Jaya, to fight for separatism.

A civilian, 25-year-old Ferdi Turuallo, was reported killed in the crossfire. He was on his way home from the market when the gunfight broke out.

Purom Wenda and group of Lanny Jaya branch have been hunted by police since he claimed responsibility for the slaying of three police officers on November 27th.

Purom Wenda, who claims to lead a militant armed group of OPM, told that his group was behind the attack.

“OPM did the shootings. I led the shootings,” he said.

Police have arrested seven suspects in connection with the attack at a police station in Pirime, Lanny Jaya district, in Papua Province that left three officers dead.(*wpnn)


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