Indonesian navy to establish primary base in Papua

The Indonesian Navy is to enhance the monitoring on maritime defense by establishing Navy Primary Base in Papua region.

“We will establish the twelfth Indonesian Navy Primary Base in Sorong, Papua,” said the Fifth Primary Base Commander of Jayapura Brigade General Putu Wijamahaadi here on Friday (08/02).

According to him the Primary Base will be commanding several Navy Bases in the west of Papua waters include fasharkan Manokwari.

He added the establishment of the Twelfth Navy Primary Base will increase the total Navy Base in Papua to three locations.

“The three bases are located in Navy Base X Jayapura, Navy Base XI Merauke and yet Navy Base XII in Sorong,” said Wijamahaadi.

The Commander said that the current process of Navy Base construction is on equipping the facilities and infrastructures.

“We cannot ensure the time of inauguration as the base still completing supported facilities,” said Brigadier General Wijamahaadi.

He expected by the addition of Navy Base in Papua can decrease the violations on maritime law in the area.

“Moreover, the waters in the area of the Twelfth Navy Base are prone to illegal fishing action,” said Wijamahaadi.

Source: ANTARA News


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