Timor Leste Establishes Relations with NTT

Deputy Foreign Minister of Timor Leste, Coustancis Pinto visited East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to establish trade cooperation between the two regions.

“We want to establish cooperation with NTT government,” Coustancis Pinto said yesterday. Most of the goods in Timor Leste come from Indonesia through Motaain border at Atambua, Belu Regency, NTT.

Timor Leste government has met with NTT Governor Frans Lebu Raya. The meeting was attended by Timor Leste officials, among them are Consulado RDTL for NTT Feliciano da Costa and National Director for Bilateral Relations, Markus da Costa.

Governor Frans Lebu Raya said NTT government welcomes the cooperation. Frans said Timor Leste citizens prefer to buy cement from Kupang since it is transported through land which makes the price cheaper. The needs for chickens can also be sent from NTT.

Source: Tempo.co


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