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Indonesian Soldier Killed in Papua

In the latest violence against soldiers in the restive province of Papua, an infantry soldier was fatally stabbed by Free Papua Organization (OPM) activists not far from his base in Skamto district after dark on Sunday (25/03).

The soldier was identified as Muhammad Ihksan, 29, and he died of a stab wound to the right side of his chest after being transported to Dian Harapan Waena hospital.

Police said, a car drove up and halted nearby. A man got out and suddenly stabbed Ihksan in the chest. The assailant climbed back in the car and fled while Ihksan shouted for help.

The wounded soldier was rushed to a nearby clinic and was referred to the Dian Harapan hospital after receiving first response treatment. He died at the hospital’s emergency ward.

Papua has been home to a low-level armed resistance fighting for a free Papua since the 1960s.

Source: The Jakarta Globe


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New petrochemical estate for West Papua

The government plans to build a petrochemical industrial estate in West Papua next year to help meet rising demand for petroleum-based products and reduce dependency on imports, officials say.

Industry Minister MS Hidayat said on Thursday (15/03) that a master plan was being drafted and would soon be followed by a feasibility study.

“We have a potential space of 400 hectares there. The gas supply for the industry can be sourced from the Tangguh field,” he told reporters at his office in Jakarta.

The master plan, which maps out the infrastructure and funds required for the development, should be completed by October, according to Industry Ministry director general for industrial regions development Dedi Mulyadi.

British Petroleum has already expressed an interest in investing in the estate, he added.

Other investors submitting proposals include state-owned fertilizer firm PT Pupuk Sriwijaya (Pusri) and foreign investors, including some from South Korea, Japan and Germany, the ministry’s director general for manufacturing-based industry Panggah Susanto said.

The investment needed for the project might total US$4.3 billion, with $800 million spent on building a methanol plant, $500 million for a polyprophylene plant, $2 billion for ammonia- and urea-fertilizer plants, and $1 billion for building utilities and port facilities.

The ministry has consulted the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) over the necessary gas supply for the project.

“We have requested, to the ESDM, the gas and once there’s certainty about the gas supply, we can start the project,” he said.

According to Industry Ministry estimates, the first phase of the petrochemical industrial estate will require around 382 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) of gas to fuel two urea plants with a total production capacity of 3,500 tons per day, two ammonia plants with a production capacity of 2,000 tons per day and a methanol plant.

Meanwhile, the second phase of the project will need around 200 mmscfd of gas to develop a diesel plant.

“We should begin soon, as the gap between local production and imported materials has been higher than consumption (of petrochemical products) by industrial sectors, such as packaging and automotive industry that continue to surge,” Panggah said.

Industry leaders have agreed that the development of an integrated petrochemical industrial estate will help reduce production costs for olefin, aromatic and fertilizers.

Overseas, as well as local, firms have geared up to realize investment in the sector as demand for petrochemicals is predicted to rise in line with the country’s economic growth.

In the next year, companies plan to invest about $26 billion in the industry.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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Soldier shot dead in Papua

An army soldier was shot dead by Free Papua Organization (OPM) in Mulia, Puncak Jaya District, Papua Province, on Thursday (08/03) morning.

“I’ve just received a report that one of our soldiers, First Pvt. La Ode, has been shot and has been admitted to Mulia Hospital,” said Erwin Syafitri, the commander of the Cendrawasih Military Command.

OPM has been killing some soldiers and police officers as well as civilians in Indonesia’s easternmost province.(*wpnn)

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RI to station warplanes in Papua

Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Imam Sufaat

Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Imam Sufaat

The Air Force Headquarters said it would station a number of its warplanes in Papua in the future in an effort to guard the country`s air sovereignty.

“We are planning to place warplanes there in the future. Now our planes are flying there only to know more the situation in Papua and at the same time to train our operational base unit,” Air Force Chief Marshal Imam Sufaat said here on Monday (05/03).

He said that jetfighters could land at Timika`s Mozes Kilangin airport. But the warplanes could not be operated from the Timika Air Force base because of fuel constraints. Jetfighters should refuel after flying 1.5 hours.

“We hope that state-own oil company Pertamina could operate in Timika so that our warplanes could operated from Timika. This does not mean that conditions in Timika are not conducive. For a war, we have to know well the condition of a place,” the Air Force chief said.

The air force chief officiated the Air Force`s Radar 243 Unit in Timika on Monday morning. It is located in Kampung Kamoro Jaya – SP1 Timika, Papua.

Source: ANTARA News

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