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UK Ministry of Defence to hold media operations training for the Indonesian military

The UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst hold Media Operations training for officers of the Indonesian Armed Forces on 23-27 July 2012.

The aim is to improve their ability to work with the modern media in a variety of operational environments.

Deputy Ambassador Rebecca Razavi said:

“The media has the power to transform people’s opinion and to influence how history is reported. It is an essential component of a flourishing democracy. I am pleased that the UK is continuing to work closely with the Indonesian Armed Forces to help develop skills in the area of Media Operations and working in a positive way with the media to improve accurate and effecting reporting and information flow.”

Indonesian Military (TNI) spokesman, Rear Admiral Iskandar Sitompul said:

“TNI recognises that human resources are a very important asset for the advancement of our organization. In line with that, and due to the development of the media environment which now requires us to quickly respond to every incident, the skill of TNI Information (Public Affairs) personnel should be constantly upgraded. This training has become one of the efforts to improve the ability of the TNI Information personnel in communicating and transforming the performance of TNI in an ever changing strategic environment. On behalf of TNI Chief, Admiral Agus Suhartono, I convey my appreciation and respect to the UK Ministry of Defence and the British Embassy in Jakarta for organising this training.”

Source: British Embassy in Jakarta


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Police Officer Murdered in Indonesia Papua

Acts of violence are still widespread in Papua targeting not only civilians but also security forces.

Recently, a police officer on duty at the Keerom Police Station, Papua, First Brig. Sudirman Atang Sabil, was tortured to death on Tuesday, at around 9.30 local time.

Spokesperson of Papua Police, High Comm. Yohanes Nugroho Wicaksono, said the victim died from serious wounds on his body.

According to Yohanes, the victim left Keerom at around 6.30am for Jayapura by riding a Suzuki Shogun motorcycle. It took approximately one hour from Keerom to Jayapura.

At around 8.30am, the victim was spotted by the locals in a dying condition in front of the Pramuka Buper Waena Building in Jayapura.

“The people then transported the victim to Dian Harapan Waena Hospital. However, the doctors couldn’t save his life. He passed away after being treated for an hour,” he said.

The Police have yet to discover the perpetrator.

“We are still looking further into the crime scene,” said Yohanes.

Source: VIVA News

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US and Indonesian navy warships conduct joint exercise

The US navy warship USS Benfold conducted an exercise with two Indonesian navy warships in Bali waters.

The exercise covered tactical manoeuvers, communication, and other safety procedures.

The two Indonesian navy warships that involved in the exercise were KRI Hasan Basri and KRI Uling.

The Indonesian navy hopes that the exercise would improve the capabilities of the Indonesian Navy personnel.

Meanwhile, USS Benfold commander Adrian Jansen said his ship`s presence in the region was part of his tour of Southeast Asia.

After that, Jansen said, he would return to the US to conduct other operations.

The 54-metre-long USS Benfold weighs around 8,900 tonnes and can carry 280 navy personnel.

Source: ANTARA News

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President Yudhoyono: No Need for Large Scale Operations in Papua

The disorder in Papua has led President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to speak up again.

The authorities must crack down firmly on separatist movements, but they must also be careful not to violate human rights.

However, the President confirmed that there was no need for a massive military operation.

“The government is using the community approach,” he said while at a briefing to young officer candidates (capaja) at the Army and the Police Academy 2012 at the Military Academy, Magelang, on Wednesday evening, July 11, 2012.

The president made the statement in response to a question by one of the cadets about the dilemmas of soldiers on duty: they are performing their duty yet people accuse them of committing human rights violations.

Yudhoyono said the land of Bird of Paradise is often referred to as one of the bases of separatist movements. Handling separatist movements requires special skills on the part of the authorities.

The Chair of the Board of Supervisories of the Democrat Party firmly states that any forms of separatism in Indonesia must be stopped because it threatens the unity of the nation.

“Any talk of wanting to be free, to leave the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia(NKRI), is not about freedom of speech; it is separatism; it must be stopped,” said Yudhoyono.

The President was speaking before 836 cadets of the army (Military, Naval, Airforce Academy) and the police, Level IV. They have completed their education and become capaja. He will appoint them with a military officer rank of second lieutenant (letda) and a police officer rank of second inspector (ipda).

Source: TempoInteractive

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Papuans Demand Accountability from Mimika Regent

The war of arrows between villagers of Kwamki Lama, Timika, Papua, still continues and has so far heavily injured at least 39 people.

Earlier on Wednesday arrows struck 51 people.The protracted conflict drove a group of citizens to gather in front of the Timika Regional Council of Representatives (DPRD). They all demanded Klemen Tinal, who is regent of Mimika, to step down.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 morning, the conflict started at 6:30 Papua time, on Jalan Kanguru and in front of the office of the Preparation for the Kwamki Naraman (Lama) District. A total of 50 men armed with arrows from Kampung Harapan shot arrows into a crowd of Kampung Amole residents, on the grounds of Kingmi Jerusalem Church, Kampung Amole. The ensuing war of arrows was inevitable.

Since the conflict started, six people have been killed, hundreds of people have been injured and are being treated at two different hospitals. In Timika City, dozens of Amungme residents staged a rally in front of the DPRD building in Mimika.

The residents, led Kadun Jaya Village Chief, Daniel Tabuni, accused Mimika Regent Klemen Tinal, of being responsible for the conflict between the residents of Kwamki Lama. They were received by Council members Allo Rafra, Yanes Natkime, Felas Gwijangge, and Karel Gwijangge.

“Regent Klemen Tinal himself must go down to Kwamki Lama, do not delegate it, because it is his people who are fighting. The regent should be ashamed. ‘Arrow breaking’ has repeatedly been performed, but the conflict continues,” said Daniel. He demanded Klemen Tinal be removed from his position due to his inability to resolve the conflicts.

According to Daniel, under Klemen Tinal’s leadership of Mimika, community conflicts constantly occur in Kwamki Lama. Before the Council, Daniel aggressively declares that he will gather all village heads and set up tents on the DPRD grounds. “We will gather here,we will wait for the Regent. Why are other people coming to cause endless trouble?” asked Daniel, demanding the Council to look into the mastermind behind the conflicts.

Source: Tempointeractive

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Indonesian military respects human rights in Papua

The Indonesian military (TNI) has always respected and implemented human rights principles in carrying out its main duties in Papua.

“TNI is not careless, and we keep being procedural in carrying out our duties anywhere including in Papua,” said army commander`s operations assistant Major General Dedi Kusnadi Thamim on Sunday (15/07) in Jinan, China.

Met after attending the closing of a joint exercise between the Indonesian army`s special force Kopassus and China`s People`s Liberation Army special force he said TNI has always respected human rights principles in Papua.

“We will never act cruelly on civilians. But we also will never stay idle if an armed group attacks us. We cannot stay idle towards them. Can we just stay idle if they shoot us?,” he said.

According to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) 22 violent cases has so far been recorded to have happened in the eastern region leaving several deaths.

“The government must seriously settle the problem to provide a sense of peace for the people. The big number of violent cases that has happened has made the performance and professionalism of security forces being scrutinized,” Komnas commissioner Ridha Saleh said in Jakarta.

Without peace, he said, it would be impossible for the government to carry out development programs in Papua and therefore Komnas HAM has asked the government to show its seriousness to immediately hold a dialog involving all parties concerned in the central administration and Papua.

“The government must really be present to give a sense of peace before they carry out the agenda for change in Papua. If the government cannot protect or maintain security it will be impossible for it to be able to carry out development efforts in Papua,” he said.

Ridha expressed concern over violent and shooting incidents that have happened in Papua and in view of that Komnas HAM had urged the security forces to investigate the cases thoroughly.

A Komnas HAM representative in Papua, Frits Ramandey meanwhile has said that the death of Sawiyatami village head Yohanes Janufrom or Yanafrom (30) on July 1 could be categorized as a human rights violation.

“It is categorized as a human rights violation because a life has been taken. Whether he has been shot by an OPM (separatist group) member or a TNI member the case must be investigated to find its truth,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News

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Papua needs innovation centre to develop its potential

Papua province must establish an innovation centre to develop its potential, according to a Ministry of Research and Technology official.

“Papua has enormous natural resources that can be converted into profitable commodities. However, the area still lacks in technological innovation and skilled human resources that can boost the economical value of local products,” the ministry`s Deputy Assistant in Research and Technology for Industrial Sector Edie Prihantoro said here on Friday (13/07).

He added that the government of Indonesia had recently developed the National Innovation System (Sinas) and the Regional Innovation System (SIDa) to support Papua in its efforts to improve its economy and competitiveness.

Edie stated that he had plans to develop various sectors in Papua, such as fisheries, mining, plantation, forestry and handicrafts.

“We will establish an innovation centre in Papua to develop products with high economic value,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News

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