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Australia defends ties with Indonesia’s counter-terrorism unit

Australia has defended its role in the support and training of Indonesia’s elite police counter-terrorism unit, Detachment 88.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Bob Carr

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Bob Carr

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, says that it’s vital Indonesia has the ability to disrupt terrorist groups.

Australia provided funding to the Indonesian forces for specific counter-terrorism initiatives, including cars, telecoms and computer equipment worth Aus$314,500 (US$325,810) over two years.

Australia’s Foreign Minister also addressed that Australia had consistently recognized Indonesian sovereignty over Papua.(*wpnn)



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Police detain four OPM following latest shooting in Papua

Paniai Police in Papua Province detained four people following the death of policeman Brigadier Yohan Kasimatau in Paniai District`s capital city of Enarotali on Tuesday (21/08).

Those arrested included Steven Degei, Matias Kouki, Alosius Degei and Melianus Degei.

Police identified the attackers as six members of the Jhon Yogi’s group.

The separatist Free Papua Organization (OPM), which is led by Jhon Yogi, is believed to have some 20 firearms of various types.

Besides the firearms, the group was also believed to have a large amount of ammunition, which enabled its members to engage in a gunfight with security officers that lasted for three hours.(*wpnn)

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Corruption Contributes to Growing Separatism in Papua

A senior member of the Mimika Legislative Council called on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to investigate the “rampant” corruption present in Papua, claiming that fraudulence has contributed to the growing separatist sentiment of Indonesia’s easternmost province.

“People are frustrated seeing corrupters walk free in Papua,” Athanasius Allo Rafra, the head of the council’s Commission A, said on Saturday (25/08).

He added that corrupt officials have siphoned much of the regional budget fund into their own pockets, leaving little money over to help bolster the region’s economy.

Unchecked corruption has contributed to the growing calls for an independent Papua, an area that has long been a center of conflict for Indonesia, he said.

“The people of Papua have complained of rampant corruption in the region, but Jakarta seems to show no concern. The KPK has arrested corruption suspects in other areas of the nation, but almost none in Papua,” he remarked.

If Jakarta is serious about developing Papua and maintaining national integration, law enforcement has to be firmly upheld in Papua, he said.

Athanasius added that the KPK could save tens of trillions of rupiahs every year by tackling corruption. The money could be used for the welfare of the people, especially in interior areas.

“I think the KPK has received piles of reports about corruption in Papua. The KPK has even sent team of investigators to Papua but few cases have gone to court,” he said.

Source: The Jakarta Globe

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Indonesia warns OPM over Papua violence

Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto has warned the Free Papua Organization (OPM) which is the perpetrators of the recent shooting in Papua, in which four people were killed, that the government would take all measures needed to chase and arrest them, local media reported Friday.

The minister said that the government’s heavy-handed response to the recent shootings in the easternmost of Indonesia should not be misconstrued as a human rights violation as it was a risk that had to be taken in locating the perpetrators.

“We will take all necessary action to track them down, so don’t blame us for any human rights violations, because they are the human rights violators who terrorize members of the security forces and the people of the land,” said Djoko.

Four people, including police officer Brig. Yohan Kisiwaitoi, and head of the Forestry Department of Sarmi regency, Ayub Natanubun, were killed during recent attacks by unidentified perpetrators in Papua.

State Intelligence Agency chief Marciano Norman suspected that the violence in Papua likely related to groups that had received funds from foreign companies operating in Papua.

“We are still investigating this possibility. It is important for all foreign companies operating in Papua to communicate with us in regard to making donations, so that the money is not misused, for instance, to fund separatist movements,” Marciano said.

A low-level insurgent of separatist Free Papua Movement has frequently targeted soldiers, policemen, civilians and workers at the U.S. giant Freeport McMorant subsidiary in Papua, killing dozens of people and injuring some others.

Source: Xinhua

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Police Pursuing OPM, Not Torching Homes

Paniai Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Anthonius Diance denied that police had set homes of villagers on fire in their pursuit of a gunman who killed 29-year-old officer Yohan Kisiwaito.

“No such thing. Only a Honai (traditional house), small one, was believed to be the hideout of the perpetrator, which is Free Papua Organization (OPM) member. So it was burned down,” said Anthonius Diance, Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

According to him, the police did not arrest people indiscriminately. “No, about the burning of houses, that’s not true. It was a honai, the perpetrator is believed to be hiding in there. ”

He says that in Tuesday afternoon’s pursuit, there was an exchange of fire with OPM members hiding in the hills. “Yes, but none of our members were wounded, they fled,” he said.

The chase was a joint operation by the military and the police. There was another exchange of fire on Wednesday morning, but the culprit fled. “Once the perpetrators mingle with the people, it’s difficult for us because everyone looks pretty much the same,” he said.

Marko Pekei, a leading Church figure in Paniai, says that three explosions were heard in the morning. “It’s like a ghost town here. Civil servants are not working. Schools are closed. Only the police are visible, patrolling,” he said.

Brigpol Yohan Kisiwaito was shot while washing his car at the end of the Enarotali Airport. His killer fled by crossing Lake Paniai in a speed boat, taking off with him the V2 weapons carried by the victim.

Source: Tempointeractive

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OPM keeps shooting civilians in Papua

Vian, 25 years old, an employee of the Mopah airport, Merauke, Papua, was shot by Free Papua Organization (OPM) activist on Husein Palela street, Merauke, Sunday, August 19, 2012.

The victim suffered a serious injury in the feet and.
“The victim is currently being treated in hospital, the shooter is still under investigation,” said Chief of Merauke Police, Adjutant Senior Police Commissioner Djoko Prihadi.

Earlier, Ayub Notanubun, 52, was shot dead by OPM member near Kampung Skamto, long bridge, Keerom Regency, Papua, Saturday, August 18, 2012.

He was killed with a gunshot wound to the head, above the left ear.

“We’re pursuing the perpetrator,” said Chief of Keerom Police, Adjustant Senior Police Commissioner Bedjo P S.

August 16, 2012, in Paniai, OPM killed a kiosk owner, Mustafa. He died from a bullet entering his throat and exiting through the back of his head.

A member of Papuan Legislative Council (DPRP), Yunus Wonda called rebel in Papua not to shoot civilians as one of efforts to achieve its target of independence.

Civilians, workers and security of a subsidiary unit of US giant Freeport McMorant in Papua, PT Freeport Indonesia, have been frequently targeted by the rebels who killed tens of people and wounded dozens others.(*wpnn)

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Papua lawmaker asks rebel not to shoot civilian

Chairman of the House of Representatives in Papua, Indonesia, Yunus Wonda on Wednesday (22/08) called rebel in the area not to shoot civilians as one of efforts to achieve its target of independence.

The call was made after the rebel, known as the separatist Free Papua Organization (Organisasi Papua Merdeka or OPM) shot dead a civilian named Mustafa of 22 years old on Aug 16.

“OPM must be refrained. Please not put civilian as target because of its conflict with police. Both sides needs to create safety for public. The shooting (of civilian) can only raise tension,” said Wonda.

OPM has engaged in a low-level insurgency and diplomatic channel to reach its goal.

Civilians, and workers and security of a subsidiary unit of US giant Freeport McMorant in Papua, PT Freeport Indonesia, have been frequently targeted by the rebels who killed tens of people and wounded dozens others.

Source: China Daily

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