West Papoea News Network is News-network supporting Papuan people for peace and prosperity.
WPNN is to educate and enlighten the Papuan.
WPNN concerns on Papua struggle against ignorance and poverty.


3 responses to “About

  1. Charlotte Moser

    I am trying to contact the international research program at Cenderawasih University about conducting a U.S. Fulbright Scholars project in 2012 at Cenderawasih University related to Papuan forest women. If anyone knows who to contact at the university, I would appreciate your sending me the contact information.
    Many thanks,
    Charlotte Moser

    • Wangor Madoya

      Regarding your related mentioned subject:(Papuan Forest women)
      Pls elaborate further..and about the U.S. Fulbright scholars project.
      Thank you,
      Wangor Madoya

    • David

      Hi Charlotte,

      I don’t know if it is help, but I Suggest you to contact people at the CLS (Community Language Service) – UNCEN….I Believe they will lead you to the right person/unit in Uncen. this is the number +62 967 585337….you may have Mr. Servo Kocu or Ms.Nancy Wompere right there to help. So sorry, I’m not sharing their mobile number or E-mail here due to privacy…

      David-CLS’s Teacher

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