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Police Commission Investigate Papua Shooting

The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) plans to visit Papua due to reports of a shooting that occurred in Aimas, Sorong district, on April 30, and the unnecessary arrests and ban on protests by the police in May.

“If there was a shootout resulting in civilian victims, severe action must be taken because this gives the police a bad name,” stated National Police Commission secretary, Logan Siahaan, during a meeting with the representatives from the National Papua Solidary (Napas) and the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) in Jakarta.

He added that if activists were apprehended without solid evidence, the police involved must be punished.

Previously, Napas and KontraS submitted a complaint about the Papua Chief of Police, Police Inspector General Tito Karnavian to the National Police Commission due to shootings, torture, and unnecessary arrests, and the protest ban implemented by the police. This complaint was delivered on Thursday, May 23, at the National Police Commission office in South Jakarta.

Source: Tempo.Co


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OPM commander surrenders to Indonesian police

OPM Commander Isak Kalaibin

OPM Commander Isak Kalaibin and his gang

A commander of Free Papua Organization (OPM) Isak Kalaibin of Sorong, on May 8, 2013 surrendered to Indonesian police after his gang had ambushed security officers in Aimas village.

“Kalaibin went to a police office to surrender and was accompanied by several local religious leaders,” said Deputy Chief of the Papua Provincial Police Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw.

Several armed members of Kalaibin’s gang had attacked a joint security team in Aimas village, where it had been reported that separatist OPM`s star flag had been hoisted.

When entering the village, the security officers and Kalaibin’s armed members were involved in a clash that killed three members of Kalaibin.

“Kalaibin is now being detained in Aimas Resort Police Office of Sorong District, and being interrogated intensively,” Waterpauw said.

The join security team consisting of the Indonesia Military (TNI) and Police officers were attacked by the armed group when they entered Aimas.

Armed men attacked the officers, damaged their vehicles and injured a military officer`s head.

The security officers responded by shooting at them. Two separatists were killed and several others were injured in the incident.

An injured separatist identified as Salomina Kalaibin was later dead in Sele Be Solo Regional Public Hospital in Aimas village. Salomina Kalaibin was a member of Isak Kalaibin`s group.

Source: ANTARA News

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Statement by British Ambassador on Free West Papua office in Oxford

Following the summon of British Ambassador Mark Canning re the opening of Free West Papua office in Oxford, here is the latest statement.

British Ambassador to Indonesia, Mark Canning

British Ambassador to Indonesia, Mark Canning

Statement by British Ambassador on 6 May 2013:

I was summoned to see His Excellency the Foreign Minister this morning.

The Minister conveyed to me in clear terms the strong concern of the Indonesian Government at the opening of a Free West Papua (OPM) office in Oxford.

I explained to the Minister that we recognized the sensitivity of this issue for Indonesia.

The position of British government on this matter is quite clear.

We respect the territorial integrity of Indonesia and do not support calls for Papuan independence.

The British Government did not support the opening of an OPM office in Oxford. Such an office does not require our permission to open, and does not therefore reflect the British Government’s views. We regard Papua as being part of Indonesia. That has always been our view, and has not changed.

We also support the effort of those, like the Presidential Delivery Unit (UKP4), who are trying to address the problems of Papua and hope to see it enjoy the same level of peace, stability and prosperity as the other parts of this nation. I made these points to Governor Lukas Enembe when we met last week.

We believe that the Indonesian government is genuinely committed to addressing the problems in that region and hope that the efforts will bear fruit.

Source: British Embassy Jakarta

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OPM attacks security officers in Papua

Joint security officers of Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police, who were patrolling Aimasa area in Sorong District, West Papua, were attacked by an armed group of Free Papua Organization (OPM) at 2 am on Wednesday (01/05).

One of TNI personnel, identified as Second Sub-Lieutenant Sultony was injured in the ambush.

The joint security officers monitored the area after they got information that Isak Kalaibin would lead several people in the area to hoist the “Bintang Kejora” flag of the banned OPM.

The OPM ambushed vehicles of security personnel by using sharp weapons when the troupe approaching the area.

The assault also caused car window of Deputy Chief of Aimas Resort Police Commissioner Pinem`s vehicle shattered.

The ambush forced several personnel to conduct protection shoots and quickly left the scene.

Public Relation Chief of Papuan Police Senior Commissioner Gede Sumerta said the forced shoot of the join security officers caused one armed person, initialed SK, experienced wounds in left thigh, stomach and left arm.

“However we cannot ensure does the victim`s wounds were caused by military personnel`s shooting or not,” Sumerta said.

Police secured several evidences related to the ambush, include a unit of arrows and arc, two slingshots and a bayonet as well as cleaver.

Source: ANTARA News

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