Police call on Papuan not to worry

Papua regional police chief Inspector General Bigman Lumban Tobing called on the people to not worry over circulation of text messages ahead of December 1.

“December 1 means nothing. So, if people send text messages (in connection with it) let them do it. Do not worry and become provoked. The fact is activities in Papua in general remain normal and nothing has happened,” he said here on Wednesday (23/11).

He said the police were still investigating with regard to the circulation of text messages which were aimed at disrupting social conditions in Papua ahead of December 1.

December 1 has been considered by some quarters in Papua as the independence day of West Papua.

Bigman said the police were still studying the device while the phone card could possible be burned or thrown away to make it difficult to trace.

He said so long as people did not disturb the four pillars and maintained the national unity the police would not act but if they disrupted peace they would take a firm action.

“If their activities are not violating the four pillars and they maintain national unity they may go ahead. But if they disrupt security the police would act firmly. We have been ready and that is also our commitment,” he said.

In connection with the case Bigman called on all parties to maintain situation in Papua and prevent possible threats and security disruptions from certain parties who did not want to see peace in the region.

“We are hoping for participation of all parties including the government, religious, traditional, youth and community figures to create conducive situation in Papua,” he said.

Bigman said the police would not tolerate any individuals acting against the unitary state of Indonesia.

“We will make our forces ready on December 1. We will act firmly against anyone seeking to create disturbance moreover conduct December 1-laced commemorative activities.

Source: ANTARA News


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