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Indonesian hackers crash Australian intelligence agency website

Anonymous IndonesiaIndonesian hackers have crashed the website of Australian intelligence agency ASIS, according to hackers and cyber experts, dramatically stepping up the revenge attacks in response to the spying affair.

On Monday, Nov 11 afternoon the website of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service was still not working.

Heru Sutadi, executive director of Indonesian technology think tank the Indonesia ICT Institute, confirmed that hackers from the country had launched a successful “distributed denial of service” attack, which crashed the website.

Sutadi said the hackers, linked to the global cyber-activist network Anonymous, had first attacked the ASIS site on Friday evening.

Several Indonesian hacker groups were also boasting of the cyber-attack on online forums.

A group called the Indonesian Security Down Team is believed to have been behind the ASIS attack. The ISD Team and other groups including the Indonesian Cyber Army and the Java Cyber Army have vowed to continue such attacks.

They say they are also targeting other high-profile Australian government sites including those of the national security agency ASIO and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Those sites were working normally on Monday afternoon.

The groups say they are retaliating against Australia’s electronic spying operations from its Jakarta embassy, a program revealed by Fairfax Media recently. They say they will continue the hacking unless the Australian government apologizes and promises to stop the electronic surveillance program.

An Australian Federal Police spokesperson said the ASIS incident had not been referred to them.

ASIS is the agency responsible for gathering foreign intelligence and carrying out counter-intelligence. It is approximately equivalent to the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States.

The ASIS website includes information on the agency’s role, contact details and recruiting information.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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Police Chief: Mako Tabuni Was Shot for Resisting Arrest, Seizing Police Gun.

Indonesian Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo said efforts to capture Mako Tabuni had resulted from information derived from three previous arrests.

Mako was suspected of being one of the perpetrators of a string of mysterious shootings in Papua since May 22. However, police attempts to capture [him] at 9 a.m. was not fruitful.

“Prior to the capture, a conversation took place. Then the gun of a police officer was seized, so other police members protected [the officer],” said Timur in his press statement at the State Palace on June 14, 2012.

Because Mako was threatening officers with a gun, the officers in the field had to disarm him and as a result, he was shot. “He seized a gun, so we had to disarm him. A handgun with 18 bullets was found on his body,” said Timur.

This happened in the wake of the incident in which motorcycles, cars and houses were set on fire.

However, the Cenderawasih Military Command (Kodam) put the situation under control. “I call upon the people to remain calm. The situation in Jayapura and its vicinities had been put under control by the local police aided by Kodam and the intelligence,” said the former police chief of Jakarta.

Source: Tempointeraktif

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Kopassus in Papua to safeguard sovereignty

Army Special Force (Kopassus) Commander Major General Wisnu Bawa Tenaya said the force`s presence in Papua was to carry out part of the Army`s main tasks in safeguarding and upholding the country`s sovereignty.

“We carry out our task and play our role proportionately,” he explained about the sidelines of distributing 20,000 saplings to people here on Saturday (14/01).

He said “our presence in Papua is the same as in other regions namely carrying out our main task of safeguarding our sovereignty in addition to conducting exercises and to reach out to the people through various activities.

He said in general security situation and conditions in Papua are relatively stable and conducive. “Relatively secure and conducive,” he said.

The House of Representatives Commission I estimated there are 250 intelligence personnel in Papua from the police force and three branches of the defense forces (TNI) including 176 from Kopassus.

On a separate occasion the chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Lt Gen Marciano Norman said the development in Papua was very dynamic.

He said in dealing with Papua problems the government always sought the best solution.

Marciano said the government does not want to see Papua to secede like East Timor. “But we must also make the Papuans to enjoy welfare. That is what we have to think together,” he said.

He called on the media to help monitor the work of the government and security forces in the region.

“If violations are committed the commander of the TNI and the national police chief would never hesitate to act against them. Control by the media is very tight and it would not want to see violations to happen there,” he said.

Marciano also asked the media not to hesitate to criticize BIN. “Criticize us and give us constructive inputs,” he said.

Source: ANTARA NEws

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Two police officers attacked by separatist group in Papua

Two police officers were attacked by an armed separatist group in Jayapura early on Thursday morning (01/12).

“At around 1 am this morning our members namely chief brigadier Dian Budi Santosa, chief intelligence of Nimbokrang police precinct and second brigadier Ridwan Napitupulu from an intelligence unit of the Jayapura resort police were attacked while they were conducting observation,” the head of the National Police`s public relations division, Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution, said here on Thursday.

Brutal killing by Free West Papua separatist group which is supported by Oxford City Council of the UK and The Party for Freedom (PVV) of The Netherlands

The two police officers came to the village after receiving information about unrest there, he said. He said they were attacked with arrows and the two later ran away but Ridwan was caught and beaten up. At around 6am second brigadier Ridwan was saved with wounds found all over his body.

“They have now been evacuated to a hospital in Jayapura. Our team is tracing down the perpetrators,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News

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